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March 19, 2015 / By Daniel Flaming, Halil Toros, Yvonne Yen Liu, Patrick Burns, Lucero Herrera, UCLA Labor Center, Tia Koonse, UCLA Labor Center, Saba Waheed, UCLA Labor Center and Robert Habans, UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
Underwriter: Los Angeles County Federation of Labor

You can download the full report, executive summary, or infographic.
Los Angeles evokes images of year-round sunshine and celebrity, for many, a dream city of wealth and possibility.  Yet, in reality, half of L.A. residents living in poverty are employed.  723,000 Angeleno workers earn less than $15.25 an hour.

This report assesses the benefits and consequences of raising Los Angeles’ minimum wage to $15.25 per hour.  The result will be an economic stimulus of $5.9 billion and more cash in the pockets for families to survive.  Paying fair wages will be adjustment for some, but the result will be a bigger, sustainable and more inclusive economy for Los Angeles.

We recommend the following best practices for a smart, enforceable policy:

  • Phase minimum wage increases to allow the city to adapt
  • Allow minimum wage to keep pace with the cost of living
  • Apply raised wages to all workers, with no exemptions or deferrals
  • Enforce the wage with strong tools, including a data dashboard

You can download the full report, the executive summary, or infographic.

View the press release.

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