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History & Origins


The Economic Roundtable is a nonprofit research organization with exceptionally strong capabilities for producing critical data about social, economic and environmental conditions. Our mission is to conduct research and implement programs that contribute to the sustainability of individuals and communities. City-gets-view-form-business

From 1983 to 1991, the Economic Roundtable was a research group within Los Angeles County government. In 1991, the Board of Supervisors unanimously endorsed converting the Economic Roundtable into an independent research organization to work on social and economic problems. All of the Roundtable’s work is linked to building a sustainable economy and inclusive communities.

Our core strengths are creating, integrating, analyzing, and communicating highly detailed economic, demographic and environmental data to provide operationally relevant information for public-sector decision makers, community advocates and stakeholders. We synthesize complex information into clear and objective reports for public officials and community stakeholders that are directly applicable to strengthening the sustainability of communities.

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