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The Economic Roundtable is a nonprofit public policy research organization with exceptionally strong capabilities for research into economic, social, and environmental conditions.  Based in Los Angeles, California, we have a successful record of providing constructive policy research assistance to public sector agencies since 1991.  Before that the Economic Roundtable was a research unit in the Los Angeles County government.

Our core strengths are creating, integrating, analyzing, and communicating highly detailed demographic, economic and property development datasets to provide operationally relevant information for public sector economic strategies.  Often we work with confidential government data sets such as quarterly, individual employer-level payroll tax records.  We synthesize this complex information into clear and objective analyses that are widely credible to a broad cross section of Los Angeles’ public officials and community stakeholders, and operationally relevant for public agencies.  All of the Roundtable’s work is linked to strengthening the sustainable well being of communities.  Reports on more than fifty projects can be downloaded at no cost from our web site.

The Economic Roundtable is committed to producing evidence-based research that is characterized by integrity and transparency.  Our workplace is committed to equal opportunity and does not tolerate any form of discrimination prohibited by local, state or federal law.  The Economic Roundtable is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, marital status, religion, or sexual orientation.