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Grocery Industry Equity

The Economic Roundtable has begun research into the condition of workers at Kroger grocery stores in Southern California, Northern Washington and Colorado. This study is assessing fairness, safety and sustainability for grocery workers. Information is being gathered through meetings, a survey of workers, and analyses of government data and records of Kroger Inc.

The Covid Pandemic has made the essential work done by grocery workers and the risks they face more visible to the public and elected officials. City and state governments are reviewing standards for equitable pay and protection of grocery workers against dangerous working conditions. The Roundtable’s research is being carried out to provide reliable, evidence-based information for use in formulating public policies.

This study is being carried out by the Economic Roundtable in collaboration with Professor Peter Dreier of Occidental College. It has been underwritten by Locals 7, 21, 324, and 770 of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Union. A report on findings will be released after the research is completed.