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Minimum Wage Research

In the City of Los Angeles, 808,870 working people make less than $25,000 per year.  They clean hotels and offices, wash cars and dishes and bath the sick.  They sort trash, cook food, ring up sales, and unload trucks.  What if they made $15 an hour?  They’d earn $7.6 billion more.  Spend it in neighborhood stores and restaurants.  Fix up their homes.  That spending would create 59,137 more jobs.  Those wages would generate $140 million more for LA City’s budget… enough to hire hundreds of first responders, fill 25 million potholes, or keep every library open every day.

The Economic Roundtable is conducting ongoing study of proposals to increase the minimum wage across the Los Angeles region, supported by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.  This builds upon our recent minimum wage reports: