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LAX-LAMP Community Based Study

Studying the Economic Impacts of the planned LAX People Mover and Related Infrastructure

The City of Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is planning to construct its Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP) at its flagship Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to relieve “traffic congestion within the terminal area and on surrounding streets, by improving access options and the travel experience for passengers, and by providing a connection to Metro’s light-rail system.”  As LAWA carries out the LAMP project, jobs at the airport operating and supporting its expanded transportation infrastructure and footprint will increase.  LAWA’s existing Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) calls for connecting more Project Study Area (PIA) residents – particularly those living in low-income neighborhoods – to airport jobs.  The Economic Roundtable’s research for this project includes:

  • Community profile of the Project Study Area (PIA) and its residents:  provides baseline data about the Study Area as a whole and about the distinct communities that comprise the Study Area. By comparing demographic, educational, labor force, housing and income data from the Study Area to data from the city and county of Los Angeles, we can gain important insights into the communities of greatest need and those that might stand to benefit the most from the economic activity generated by the LAMP and LAX.
  • Direct and Indirect economic impacts of the LAMP: Using IMPLAN economic modelling software and data, we analyze the economic impacts of employers located on the physical footprint of the airport and at adjacent car rental facilities.  These operations employ over 33,000 workers, with five industry sectors accounting for over four-fifths of all jobs:
    • Air transportation
    • Transportation support activities, including airport operations and freight transportation arrangement
    • Couriers (FedEx, UPS, etc.)
    • Car rental agencies
    • Government (Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, etc.)
  • Career pathways for local residents to access jobs at LAX: We inventory of all jobs at LAX by occupation, including: 1) existing, pre-LAMP jobs; 2) temporary LAMP construction jobs (building the APM, ITFs, and CONRAC, improvements to the CTA and connecting roadways), and 3) new, ongoing LAMP operations and maintenance jobs. This inventory includes detailed information about the number of jobs in each occupation at LAX, their share of occupational employment countywide, as well as wages levels. Also included for each job occupation are their O*NET Job Families, Career Clusters, Career Pathways, Job Zone ratings, the skills, level of education, related work experience, on-the-job training required for employment, and a list of ten related occupations.

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LAX overview with all new improvements