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Our Mission

The Economic Roundtable is a nonprofit urban research organization that creates knowledge for the common good. Our mission is to conduct research and implement programs that contribute to the sustainability of individuals and communities. The guiding values for carrying out our mission are:

  1. Knowledge: Develop information as a force for systemic change and public good.
  2. Social Initiative: Act to end unfair situations and empower marginalized and vulnerable individuals to live better lives.
  3. Open Access: Provide immediate, free access to information without barriers.
  4. Stewardship: Ensure that the public benefits from the resources available to and created by the Roundtable.
  5. Independence: Act based on principles, mission and values.

We carry out large-scale data analyses to identify actionable solutions to crucial social, economic and environmental problems facing communities, including economic growth, industry energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, raising the wage floor, affordable housing policy, and homelessness.

Our research findings are made available to public policy makers, affected communities, and the general public.