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Projects in need of Funding

The following Economic Roundtable Projects need funding:

  • Residential displacement and gentrification in Los Angeles County: Using longitudinal, monthly data about over a million of Los Angeles’ working poor households, we can answer lingering questions about the unintended impacts of the region’s public and commercial developments, including: 1. How often are low income families moving?  2. How much of this is displacement resulting from new development, including public investments in light rail stations, schools and libraries, as well as commercial development? 3. Do characteristics such as household language, size, race and age make a difference in being able to avoid displacement? 4. Where do low-income families move when displaced? 5. Have low income families been able to move into areas of new development, such as transit oriented districts? Answering these questions is important for public policy because so little is known about how many people experience residential displacement, and where they go when displaced. Because Los Angeles County is so big — larger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined, as well as being the nation’s most populous county – we can track when families move from Hollywood to Van Nuys, from Lynwood to Palmdale, and understand the huge difference this makes in their lives.
    Budget = $90,000 to carry out and publicize this research, including a narrative report and public presentations.


  • Other projects listed soon…