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Los Angeles is a world metropolis situated in a semi-arid ecosystem beneath a fragile air shed, challenged to provide sustaining jobs and a sustainable environment for five million workers and 10 million residents. The region’s future will emerge out of an economy deeply intertwined with both environmental and socio-economic realities.  Achieving sustainability requires an industry structure that provides enough jobs for the labor force, pays sustaining wages to workers, and sharply reduces impacts on air, land and water.

Economic Roundtable research investigates industry development, job growth and resource management strategies for making the region, state and nation more environmentally and socially sustainable.  This work includes:

    • Job-level analysis of both wage and greenhouse gas impacts for identifying land use, industry development, and job training paths toward achieving both social and environmental sustainability.
    • Quantifying the economic and job benefits that result from investments in water use efficiency.
    • Investigating the job opportunities that result from producing green goods and services that provide renewable or less-polluting sources of energy, and help reduce pollutants from industry, transportation and homes.
    • Organizing a public sector purchasing consortium to kickstart growth of an industry network for  manufacturing ultra-low emission advanced transportation systems.
    • Analyzing emissions per job to assess the compatibility of industries with the environmental limits of the South Coast Basin.












The Economic Roundtable is certified by the City of Los Angeles Green Business Program, administered by the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD).

City of Los Angeles Green Business Program