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Overview of Industry Employment Data Sources

December 3, 2014 / By Daniel Flaming

Table of industry employment data sources, from federal, state and local sources.

Data SourceLevel of Industry DetailMost Recent DataNotes on DataNumber of EstablishmentsEmploymentAnnual Payroll
County Business Patterns, U.S. Census Bureau 5-digit NAICS March 12, 2003
(1 1/2 year lag
CBP data exclude administrative and auxiliary establishments from "operating" establishment data at the four-digit SIC level and include these data at the industry division level only. Agricultural production workers, household workers, and government installations are excluded from the data. This report is an annual extension of the Census Bureau’s quinquennial economic census. tick_checkedtick_checkedtick_checked
Economic Census, U.S. Census Bureau (produced every five years)5-digit NAICS by tax status 2002 (Released every 5 years)Census forms were mailed to more than 5 million companies in December 1997, with a due date of February 12, 1998. There are nearly 500 versions of the census form, each customized to particular industries. Some very small companies were not sent a census form. Establishments with no paid employees were excluded. Estimates for firms not surveyed are based on administrative record classifications or a brief inquiry requesting information necessary to assign a kind-of-business codetick_checkedtick_checkedtick_checked
Regional Accounts Data, Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) 1-digit SIC 2004Provides information about all employment (including self-employment) and personal income (including sources other than wage and salary employment). Local area data is released 17 months after the end of the year. Data is derived from BLS ES-202 data, with adjustments made by the BEA to account for employment and wages not covered or misreported under the ES-202 program. Sources for these adjustments include IRS tax dataN.Atick_checkedtick_checked
Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW), Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 6-digit NAICS, 4-digit SICPreceding QuarterUses ES-202 data to produce a comprehensive tabulation of employment and wage information for workers covered by State unemployment insurance (UI) laws and Federal workers covered by the Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees (UCFE) program. Publicly available files include data on the number of establishments, monthly employment, and quarterly wages, by industry, at the 4-digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) level, by county, by ownership sector.tick_checkedtick_checkedtick_checked
Official Monthly Estimates of EmploymentEDD Labor Market Information Division2- and 3-digit SIC Preceding MonthUses the relationship between the ratio of the county's monthly Current Employment Survey (CES) employment to the population and the ratio of the county's CPS employment to the population, as well as trend and seasonal components to adjust ES-202 data to produce official employment estimates. N.Atick_checkedN.A
ES-202 Reference Tables, EDD Labor Market Information Division6-digit NAICS, 4-digit SIC Preceding QuarterData for some smaller industries is suppressed to avoid disclosing confidential employer data. Data for each industry is broken out by type of ownership. Data is different than EDD’s official estimates of employment because it is not adjusted based on population or seasonal trends. tick_checkedtick_checkedtick_checked