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First 5 Los Angeles’ Cross Cutting Strategies Investment

October 3, 2008 / By Patrick Burns
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The Economic Roundtable conducted research in support First 5 Los Angeles’ Cross Cutting Strategies

Investment. This planning work became a foundation for First 5 LA’s Cross-Cutting Approaches, which has four goals:

  • Improved social connections within and across families, community members and organizations.
  • Improved integrated child and family services that are accessible and culturally appropriate.
  • Improved integrated data systems for community knowledge management and utilization.
  • Improved policies that promote and sustain positive community conditions for pregnant women, children and their families.

Economic Roundtable project web page: F5LA’s Cross Cutting Strategies Investment. Table of Contents:

  • F5LA Project Goals
  • ERT Project Tasks
    • Task1 – Data Coordination Meetings
    • Task 2 – Community Profiles and Maps
    • Task 3 – Updated Indicators of Community Well-Being for LA County
    • Task 4 – Inventory of Current Investments for Children Age 0-5 and Their Families
    • Task 5 – Stakeholder Briefings, Data Handoff
  • Background
  • Notes