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Los Angeles Standard Light Rail Vehicle

Products and Services Directory

August 1, 1992 / By Elizabeth Reid
Underwriter: Los Angeles County Transportation Commission Rail Construction Corporation


The Economic Roundtable conducted a survey of Southern California manufacturers on behalf of the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission. The survey identified over 500 firms that are willing and able to provide products and services for virtually every light rail vehicle construction need. The purpose of the Light Rail Vehicle Directory was to create an information base that will enable fixed-rail mass transit projects in Southern California to generate business opportunities for local companies.

The directory was created through the following steps:

  1. Rail transit engineers identified a comprehensive list of several hundred products and services necessary to build a rail transit vehicle.
  2. A questionnaire to obtain information about potential Southern California suppliers was prepared by the Economic Roundtable.
  3. A target list of over 2,000 firms was developed.
  4. A cover letter and the products and services list and survey questionnaire were mailed or faxed to the 2,000 firms . Telephone surveys were conducted to clarify responses and obtain additional information. Each firms was asked to provide information about its business and production capabilities, and to match its skills with specific items on the products and services list.
  5. Over 500 responses were returned to the Economic Roundtable, entered into a computer data base and used to produce the directory. The first section of the directory is an alphabetical listing of products and services provided by firms listed in the directory. Under each heading there is a list of firms that provide that product or service. The second section is an alphabetical listing of firms, providing detailed descriptive information about each firm

Chapter Headings:

  1. Introduction
  2. Guide to Using Directory
  3. Products and Services Index
  4. Products and Services Directory for 500+ aerospace-related firms in Los Angeles County
Area of Work: Economy
Tags: Light Rail, Transportation