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Seeds of Change, Our New Blog

January 21, 2015 / By yvonneliu

seeds of changeWe at Economic Roundtable are excited to launch our new blog, Seeds of Change, alongside our redesigned website.

The title is a reference to the tree of knowledge in our logo, symbolized in Los Angeles by the Wisdom Tree atop Cahuenga Peak.  The lone pine tree sits on its perch overlooking the city from its vantage point close to the Hollywood sign.  The tree has withstood the changes of the past three decades, the economic catastrophes of the city below its roots, as well as ecological disasters that scorched the hills.  Yet, it still stands, stalwart and spreading its branches beatifically over the city.

Knowledge begins with a seed.  Within the seed is a world of possibility that can be swept by winds of change to plant new trees.  But, it is only with sunlight and nourishment that the seed can grow into a sapling, and then a mature adult.   And so, we invite you to join us in planting seeds of change, in the hopes that they take root and support sustainable ecosystems of people, production, and planet.

We are thanking the first 50 readers who help to seed an idea with a limited edition packet of California native wildflowers from the Theodore Payne Foundation, an organization dedicated to the preservation of Californian habitats.  The mix is a rainbow of annual wildflowers, which will produce a succession of flowers from early spring until late summer.  Download instructions on how to sow the seeds here.